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  • Ankle replacement surgery: What to expect

    Ankle replacement surgery involves removing damaged parts of the ankle joint and replacing them with an artificial joint. It is an option when noninvasive treatments, such as physical therapy, have been ineffective for arthritis.

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  • Should all patients aged 75 years or older receive cemented femoral components for primary THA?

    Since the advent of the modern THA in the 1960s, it has been a life-changing surgical procedure with overwhelmingly successful results.

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  • How To Relieve Hip Pain

    Hip pain can be caused by overuse or damage to the hip joint, cartilage, or surrounding muscles, and can significantly impact your ability to perform everyday activities, including walking, going up and down stairs, and sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time.

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  • Causes and Treatment for Outer, Side, and Inner Hip Pain

    There are many possible causes of hip pain. They include serious ones, like a fracture or joint infection, and less serious causes, like bursitis.1 Your healthcare provider can diagnose the cause and help to plan your treatment.

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  • Easy Stretches for Hip Pain

    Hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches, straight leg raises, and bridges are just some of the exercises and stretches for hip pain. By keeping your hip joint limber and strong, you can improve your mobility, help with hip range of motion, and alleviate pain.

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